How to fix plywood to keep it from cracking

Aetna has confirmed a number of incidents in which customers reported broken plywood after the company’s new health insurance policy was rolled out in 2018.

Aetna confirmed that customers were experiencing issues with their broken plywoods.

“We’ve been seeing issues in some of our customers, and we’re working to address those,” a spokesperson for the health insurer told

One customer in the US told the company she had “broken plywood in my house after it had been put in place”.

“I’m a very experienced installer and this was the first time I’ve ever had such a thing happen,” the customer said.

The company has now issued a public statement that it is working to resolve the issue.

It is also offering to replace damaged plywood with new, higher quality pieces for free.

On Tuesday, Aetana said it would be introducing a new insurance policy with a “newer and better fit for a more durable product”.

It said the new policy would replace existing policies with “a lower cost, easier to use and less expensive than previous policies”.

A spokesman said: “Our new policy will help customers reduce their costs and keep them covered for longer.”

A spokesperson for Aetanews, which publishes the New York Times, said the New Zealand insurer had “confirmed reports of broken ply-wood” from its customers in the country.

However, he said it was “too early” to say whether any of those reports were genuine.

In a statement on Tuesday, the insurer said it had investigated and found “no evidence that Aetanes new policy is causing problems with broken ply.

For a longer term plan, we encourage our customers to use Aetans policy.

Our new policies are currently on offer at Aetaxis, AETaxi and Aetnix and we have not yet received any customer complaints.”

“In all cases, we will continue to work closely with the insurers to ensure that our policies meet the needs of our customer base,” the spokesperson said.