How to build a plywood desk plan in under an hour

How to make your own plywood desks in under three hours, and how to finish them yourself.

The project takes around 10 minutes to complete, and you can save money on your lumber costs by using cheaper materials instead of plywood.

You’ll need:A sheet of ply woodCut out a section of ply to make the frame.

The length of the frame will depend on how big your desk is.

You can cut out pieces of up to 5 cm thick, but I like to use a 10 cm piece.

This will give you a nice desk that will fit into the space you’ve built.

Cut out the pieces of ply.

You should be able to get the ply out of your cutting board.

If not, use the scissors to trim it away.

Take a piece of the ply and glue it to the bottom of your frame. 

Glue the pieces together using a bit of glue stick.

The finished product. 

If you want to get fancy, you can also glue on some more pieces of your plywood flooring, which will help hold your desk together.

The idea is to make sure your floor is stable enough to stand up on without collapsing when you move around.

Once the pieces are glued together, you’re done. 

You can cut the plywood into 3cm x 3cm pieces, or 2cm x 2cm pieces.

The pieces can be placed inside the frame, or on top of it.

You’ll need a drill and a hacksaw to make all the holes, which is important, as you’ll be cutting plywood for this project.

Make sure your ply is tight and will not fray.

You want to make it so that the floor is just the right thickness for the ply. 

Start by cutting out the edges of the pieces.

You don’t need to be exact, but make sure you leave a little room in between the edges so the ply doesn’t bend. 

Lay the pieces out on the floor, aligning them so they line up with the corners of your desk.

Put the ply on top.

Make sure the pieces don’t touch. 

Gently tilt the ply so that you can put it on top with a little extra pressure.

Make a mark with a pencil.

The next step is to cut the corner pieces.

Cut out the corners. 

Cut out each corner with a hacksaws edge knife. 

Take a small piece of ply and push it into the corner. 

Make sure the edges are level. 

It should come out perfectly level, so you can take your time and cut it just the way you want it. 

Apply glue to the edge.

Make a mark where the ply will sit.

The edges of this mark should be flush with the edges where the pieces sit.

If you’ve got a flat piece of paper, you may want to apply a bit more glue to make a little bit of a mark. 

Once the edges have been marked, take the paper and stick it in the holes for the corner, along the bottom edge. 

After glue has dried, you should have a pretty solid piece of wood.

Make the desk.

Place the desk in your desk box.

It should be easy to move around the desk if you want. 

Using the hacksaw, trim the top of the desk into the desired shape.

Make adjustments as you go to keep the desk from collapsing when it’s in use.

You can add a bit extra weight to the top if you need to, or use a small square or box for your desk if that’s easier.

If your desk has a flat surface, you might want to cut out the ply to give it a bit bigger and more stable base. 

Finish up your desk and your new desk is ready to go!