What you need to know about the fire that killed two firefighters and burnt out a house

Posted June 06, 2019 06:10:28When fire crews arrived to investigate a report of a fire at a house in Queensland’s southern state of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, they found two firefighters trapped in the house.

The firefighters had to be rescued by emergency services after the blaze destroyed the property.

Firefighters in their pyjamas, wearing breathing apparatus, entered the house and were immediately engulfed in flames.

“One of the firefighters had his oxygen mask pulled on, and the oxygen mask blew out and he had to go into the living room,” Sunshine Coast Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson Michael Haines said.

“One firefighter had a chest wound, and he was taken to the Sunshine Coast Hospital for treatment.”

The second firefighter, who was in the kitchen, was uninjured.

“The second fire crew was a very large fire service, so the two firefighters were separated by a lot of time,” he said.

“Fortunately they managed to escape and to the west of the house, we believe, the second house.

The two firefighters have been assessed and have been able to return to work.”

Haines urged people to remain calm in the wake of the fire.

“There is a lot that’s going on with the fire, it’s a lot worse than what we’ve seen before,” he added.

“So the fire service and the public should be extremely vigilant in the area where the fire is and to be prepared.”