Why you should buy birch plywood

Buyer beware.

I know, I know.

You might want to skip this one because of the birch and plywood, but the wood in question is not the same as the birchy kind.

What you’re really buying is a plywood veneered version of birch.

If you’re interested in buying a wood that’s not birch, look no further.

We’re talking about a plywoods veneers for the plywood market.

You can find this type of veneering plywood in a variety of sizes.

They’re available in 3/8″ to 1/2″ thickness and are made from birch or elm, but you can find any kind of wood you can think of.

But how much do you really need to buy for your home?

It depends on the home you’re considering.

For those who need extra protection from the elements, we’re talking less than a yard or two of plywood.

You may want to look into buying a little extra, but that’s only if you have the money for that extra protection.

For many, however, that extra is more than worth the extra expense.

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