When the world’s most expensive wall came down – by Nick Copley

The world’s biggest plywood fence has been dismantled by a Chinese company after a court ordered it to stop.

The building, the world record holder for the longest piece of metal fencing, was constructed at a cost of $US3.7 million ($4.6m).

The 6ft tall metal structure is located on a highway near Chengdu, China, in a rural area.

It was built in 2009.

It has been the focus of several investigations into whether the building is in breach of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade deal.

The construction has also been criticised for violating Chinese laws against dumping or using illegal material.

It is one of a number of such projects in China that have raised concerns about China’s construction of high-tech barriers, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Mr Coplety said the fence was being used to protect a home and the building was not the only example.

“If they were using other materials it would be a major problem,” he said.

“I’m not saying the fence is the world world’s longest, but the fact that it is used to build a home, a business and a city building in Chengdu is a big deal.”

The fence is about 6ft high and 5ft wide, with a circumference of about 16 metres.

It measures 7ft by 7ft and is covered in a reflective material.

A contractor was at the construction site on Tuesday, the AP reported.