The Lad: A Home Depot Home Depot worker was fatally shot by a neighbor who also lived nearby

A Home Depot employee who was fatally wounded by his neighbor was also a homeowner.

The shooting happened around 6 p.m.

Monday at the home of a Home Depot employee at the 7300 block of North Harrison Road.

Lad sources said the worker was trying to put the plywood door back in place when he was shot in the head.

Witnesses told authorities that the homeowner, who has not been identified, fired multiple shots at the worker.

“We have had multiple shots fired,” Lt.

Steve McQueary said.

“It was very, very violent.”

McQuearys said the neighbor also lived across the street.

Investigators are looking into whether there was a dispute between the neighbors.

This isn’t the first time Home Depot has faced scrutiny for safety issues.

In August, a contractor working on the company’s roof at the time was shot and killed in an apparent workplace dispute.

Home Depot has not responded to a request for comment.