Pressure treated plywoods are coming to market in 2018

Pressure treated wood is coming to the market in 2020.

The new pressure treated ply, or PTP, is made from recycled materials and is currently being tested in Germany, according to PTP’s chief executive, Mike Raskut.PTP is made by PDP, which was founded in 2009 by former Boeing CEO Mike Donohue.

“There’s not a lot of people out there in the industry that are making plywood anymore, so we figured we’d do a really good job,” Raskub said.

“We wanted to make sure that our process would be as sustainable as possible.”PTP uses high-temperature press presses to press the wood into the wall, with no moving parts and a maximum temperature of 5,000 degrees Celsius (11,000 Fahrenheit).

The result is a product that’s incredibly strong, durable, and easy to clean.

The wood can be used to make all kinds of things, from furniture to tableware, from decorative accents to decorative wall panels.

The process is similar to how you’d use a traditional plywood floor, with some changes.

Instead of cutting and polishing the wood, the company uses an oven to make the wood in a mold, which is then pressed into the walls.

That process produces the wood’s high-density foam that is then used to add texture and strength to the wood.PTR also has a new name: Pressure treated, which means that it is a material that has been pressure treated, meaning that it’s not the same material as the traditional ply, Raskud said.PPT is available in the United States, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

It will eventually reach Australia and New Zealand, Ralkut said.

The company has not yet released pricing, but Raskulut said he expects PTP to be priced around $100, which he said is “a lot cheaper than the standard plywood.”