“Plywood” sequel to “Babylon 5” premieres October 19th, 2019 in a big way!

“PLYWOOD” is back!

And this time, the series is coming back for a third time, with a brand-new trailer to boot!

The film, which has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, will begin shooting in October 2019, with the first episode hitting theaters on October 19, 2019.

As with the original film, the film will follow the crew of a spaceship stranded on a remote planet in a time of great peril, when it is attacked by aliens.

The movie will also feature a brand new cast including Adam Driver, Elizabeth Debicki, Olivia Munn, Sean Astin, Josh Hutcherson, Anna Torv and Paul Scheer.

“Babel” and “The Crown” director Josh Boone will also helm “Pylwood.”

Production is currently underway in Australia, with “PYLWOOD” shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia and Sydney.

“The King’s Speech” stars Mark Strong and Olivia Munnell, and was originally scheduled to premiere in late 2019, but it was pushed back to October 2019 to accommodate the film’s October release date.

The film also stars Richard Madden, James McAvoy, Rachel McAdams, Sam Worthington, Sam Heughan, Robert Carlyle, Laura Linney, John Cusack, John Cho and Josh Gad.

“Scooby-Doo” stars Matt Groening and Dan Aykroyd and will premiere in 2019.

The animated film will be directed by Chris Carter, and will star Matt Groen, Ben Schwartz, Melissa Leo, Andy Samberg, Joel McHale, James Marsden, Chris Parnell and more.

“Pillars of Eternity” stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson and will debut in 2019 and be directed/written by Scott Derrickson, with Benedict Cumberbegs co-starring alongside Emma Watson, Patrick Stewart, Peter Capaldi and more!

“Powers” stars Ben Foster, Tessa Thompson, Tom Skerritt, John Ridley and Tessa Wilson, and is set for release in 2019 with new episodes airing in October and November.

“Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, J.K. Simmons, Jensen Kahane, Jody Hill, Emily Bett Rickards, Aaron Helbing, Michelle Fairley, Michael Rooker, Jada Pinkett Smith, Melissa McBride, Sarah Shahi, Aisha Tyler and more and will be released in 2019 on the CW Network.

“Star Wars: Episode IX” stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong’o, John Barrowman, Lupie Mackintosh and John Boyett, and stars Daisy’s cousin Felicity Jones.

“Beauty and the Beast” stars Emma Watson in the title role and will launch in 2019, alongside new episodes beginning in December.

“Downton Abbey” stars Sophie Turner, Mark Gatiss, Toby Jones, David Bradley, Toby Wilson, Daniel Brühl, Catherine Tate, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Andrew Scott, Daniel Radcliffe, Michelle Dockery, Rachel Riley and Sophie Turner will premiere on PBS in 2019-20, with new “Dumb and Dumber” episodes airing every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30pm ET.

“Scream Queens” star Olivia Munngs has been cast as the titular character in a spinoff series, and her character will be featured on the new “Scrappy-Doodle Dolls” television series.

“Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln will reprise his role as the title character, and “Star Trek: Discovery” star Michael Dorn will return to the series as Rick.

“American Gods” star Sean Bean will reprising his role of the title characters god.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom is set to play the title female lead in the series, while “Mad Men” alum Elizabeth Banks will be playing the title male lead.

“Gilmore Girls” star Megan Mullally will be portraying the title main character in the show, with Rachel Bloom, Christina Hendricks, Adam Driver and Kate McKinnon reprising their roles.

“Gotham” star David Harbour will reprises his role in the new series, with David Harbour, David Strathairn, Jonathan Banks, Jon Hamm, David Harewood, Stephen Merchant and others reprising roles.