New CT plywood door from a Connecticut business is a success story

A plywood wall, a plywood floor and a plywoods door all fit together in a new Connecticut business that sells the materials and finishes.

Logan and his wife, Rachel, opened their first business, Rene’s Plywood, last year in Bridgeport, Conn.

They have since expanded into other parts of the state and sold plywood and other finishes.

The plywood walls are made of the same material as a standard wall and are made in the state of Connecticut.

Rene’s says its customers like the feel of their products.

It is available in plywood finishes like slate, slate slate, and stone, as well as the plywood plywood.

Lazier said they were able to sell their plywood doors with a little help from local suppliers.

They’re now on the road to opening their second store in Windsor, Ont.

They started out in the small town of Lakeport in 2006, before moving to other parts in the area.

Now, their doors are available in other parts and in many parts of New England, as long as they have a location in the town.

“I think we’ve sold more than 100 doors,” said Lazier.

“The doors we’ve been selling have been great.

We sell them to places all over the country, but it was the way we were able do it that was really helpful.”

Laziers first customer was the company that made the wall for a Connecticut restaurant in Windsor.

The owner had to change his business because of the wall and wanted to get rid of the product.

He decided to open a ply shop in the city.

That business is now in the process of relocating to Windsor, Ontario, where he will also be able to continue selling his products.

The new shop will be the second location in New England that will be able use plywood products.

The first was in Burlington, Vermont, which was the first city in New York to open its doors to plywood businesses.

Lazer said they’re looking forward to building on the success they’ve had in the past.

“We’ve been able to be here in Connecticut and do this work,” he said.

“It was an investment in myself and my family.”