How to make plywood flooring using plywood

The easiest way to build a plywood house is to cut and join sheets of wood into strips.

Here’s how to do that.

A. You’ll need a sheet of plywood.

You can get the same quality wood for under $10 at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Home Depot Express or Lowe’s.

If you can’t find it, go to any hardware store and buy a sheet for $2.50.

You can then use a router to cut it.


Cut your strips.

Cut the strips to the length you want.

Then, cut your strips into pieces of 1 inch or less.

You need to be careful not to cut through the plywood because the strips will warp.


Use a router.

Use a circular saw.

A router is a flat blade that cuts through a layer of wood and cuts it into three equal sections.

You then attach the cuts to a frame or wall.

This creates a smooth surface.


Make your sheets.

Lay your sheets out on a cutting board.

Make sure you leave enough room for the sheet you’re cutting to lie on top.

Lay the other two sections of your sheet next to the first section and glue them together.

This helps the plywoods adhere better to the walls.

Once the sheet is attached, you can start making the flooring.


Cut out your flooring pieces.

Start by cutting each sheet in half lengthwise.

Then cut one half of the sheet in the middle and the other half in the side.

Make a mark on the sheet to make it easier to cut.

Cut the pieces into six pieces each and glue each piece together with glue sticks.

You should now have a finished plywood piece.

You could also make your own, but you’ll have to cut out the sheets yourself.


Use your router to make the pieces.

Cut and glue the two pieces together.

Use the router to align the pieces so the sides of the ply are facing inwards and the bottom of the piece is facing in.

Gently pull the pieces apart to make a square.

The pieces should fit snugly together.


Use glue sticks to seal the ply.

Use 3M Glue Sticks to attach the pieces together and keep the glue on the edges.

You may also use 1/2″ foam glue or some other glue stick.

You might need to bend the edges slightly.

I used a 1/4″ foam stick.

I also used the glue stick on the back of the board and then used the 1/8″ foam board to glue the pieces to the boards.

I also cut a circle out of the foam stick to make my frame.

It makes it easier for me to put the pieces back together.

I hope this post has helped you out with plywood and helped you to save some money.

Please leave your comments below, and let me know if there are any other tips or tricks you might find helpful.