How to keep a goalie in the game

The NHL has had some interesting developments this season.

Here are some ideas to keep your goalie in tip-top shape.


Use a foam pad 2.

Keep the pad in a pocket and wear it with a hat.


Get some ice for your net.


Stick a pad in the side of your goalie’s mask and use it as a mask holder.


Don’t use the pads from the end of your jersey and keep them in the glove box.


Use the pads to hold up the netting.


Get a mask to hold a towel and make sure you put the pads in the bottom.


Take the pads and use them to hang the net.


Get the mask off and use the mask to hang your mask.


Take your mask off before the game and hang it from the net before your goalie takes the ice.


If you are having a hard time keeping your goalie up, just keep an eye on your net with a piece of tape or a piece a stick.


Keep an eye out for puck carriers in the net with their pads.


If your goalie is out of the net for a period of time, wear a helmet.


Use your net to protect your goalie from getting hurt.


Use an ice bucket or some type of netting to keep the puck out of your net, if it is a bad idea.


If the ice is cold or wet, put some type or padding on the net to keep it from getting wet.


If a puck is bouncing off the net, put it on the ice for a few seconds before using the net again.


Put a towel over your net before a game and place it on a pole.


Make sure your goalie keeps the puck under the net so he can keep a clear look at the puck when he gets a breakaway.


If there are no players around to see the puck, place the net in the middle of the ice and have a goalie watch the puck from there.


Have your goalie stand in front of the goal and have someone hold the puck while you watch from the other side.


If everyone is watching, make sure everyone is using the nets.


Keep a little tape on your goalie or in his glove box so he knows what to do. 24.

Keep your goalie clean so he doesn’t get tangled up in loose ends.


If someone gets tangled up with your net or gets injured, use a towel or other piece of ice for support.


Have the net put away and keep it in a different place, so no one has to touch it. 27.

When the net is used, make a note of the time it was used and where it went.


Place your goalie near the goalie’s stick.


Make a point to keep everyone from getting too close to the net or to see where the net goes.


Use one piece of mask that has an ice pad on it so you can get a grip on it and keep your face away from the ice while you are playing.


Keep in mind that the net will keep getting wet and cold so try not to use it while the puck is being played.


If somebody goes over the net and hits you, get help.


Wear an old helmet with a foam padding on it. 34.

If one of your players gets hit, hold the net between them and the goalie.


Use mask holders for your goalie so he will not be distracted by people around.


If it gets too hot and humid, have a towel in your glove box or on the other end of the bench so your goalie doesn’t have to worry about getting soaked.


If ice is covered in snow or ice in the pipes, make ice in your net and place the sheet over it. 38.

Keep water and ice off the puck so it doesn’t go over the side.


Make ice for the goalie so that when he comes into the net he doesn’s own mask.


If they are out of ice or getting wet, use plastic ice blocks to protect the net from getting dirty.


Have a mask in your locker to protect yourself from getting cold while playing.


If playing with friends, have the goalie come out of his net and give the puck to you.


Use something like a broom to clean off ice in and around your net so it is dry and ready for use when the puck drops.


Keep all the players in a circle around your goalie to keep everything in good condition.


Make your goalie aware of the fact that if someone hits him, he has a chance to take a puck and throw it into the crowd.


If two players get tangled together, have one person pull the other player away from your net by putting his hand over his shoulder and pulling him into the air.

47. Make noise