How to Build a Plywood Countertop for $20,000

It’s no wonder plywood counters are the rage these days.

They’re cheap, lightweight, and can be assembled in minutes.

That’s why so many companies sell their counters as DIY kits for just $20 or $30 a pop.

The problem, though, is that those DIY counters are usually pretty fragile and difficult to maintain.

They can’t withstand the rigors of everyday life, and they can’t stand up to daily use.

So what do you do if you want to build a cheap, durable, and easy-to-clean countertop for under $20?

I went ahead and did it.

It was an easy DIY project, too.

What you need 1.

A plywood shelf.

I bought two 6-foot lengths of 4-by-8-foot lumber, but you could easily build one of those shelves out of plywood.

For the countertop, I used the plywood, which is strong and lightweight.

It also looks pretty good, even though it looks like it’s made out of cardboard.

But the bottom of the ply is actually plywood with a rubber backing.


A drywall slab.

The shelf I used had a hardwood top that required an outside wall to be secured with a strip of ply, so I cut off a chunk of it and added a strip to hold the ply.


A piece of duct tape.

A good way to keep the ply from sliding around the counter is to use duct tape to secure the top to the wall.


A 3/8″ x 2-inch x 1-inch piece of scrap plywood (or similar).

If you can get it, it will look like it was made from plywood!

It can be hard to find, so you’ll probably need to use some sort of saw to cut it. 5.

A drill.

You’ll need a drill bit to drill the ply into the wall, but that’s easy to do with a screwdriver.

I found that I could drill a 1/2″ hole using a drill press, and a 1″ hole with a hand drill.


A 1/4″ hole saw.

This is the type of saw that cuts the ply to the size you need.

It’ll take a little work to get the ply perfect, so it’s best to get a 1-1/4-inch drill bit.


A 6-pack of drill bits.

If you have a 6-1 /2″ drill bit, you can use that to cut the ply and attach the saw to the side of the shelf.


A power drill bit that is rated for 5,000 pounds.

This drill bit will do the job, but I’m not sure what the power rating is for a 4,000-pound drill bit!

I used a 6,000 pound drill bit from an auto parts store and it worked great.


A router.

If your plywood has a hard surface, like a plywood slab, you’ll want a router to cut through it.

I used this one that I found on Amazon.

It comes with a handy clamp, which allows you to hold your ply without the counter bottom being too rough.

You can also use it to cut out the ply on your ply sheet.


A spray bottle.

You won’t need to buy any spray bottles, but if you’re going to make your countertop from ply, you might as well spray it.

A cheap, easy spray bottle with a hose attachment will do.

It’s the kind of spray that will go everywhere, not just the ply!

If you’re using a spray bottle, spray it on a clean surface before you begin.

That way, you won’t accidentally spray paint on the ply that you’re trying to paint.


A few small screws.

I cut a couple of screws out of the 2-by/4 x 1/8-inch ply, but the bottom could use a few more screws.

If that’s the case, you should still have a few screws in your ply shelf, since you’ll need to attach the top and bottom of your ply to it. 12.

A small screwdriver or router bit.

You don’t need a big drill or a 1 1/3-inch router bit to attach your ply countertop to the walls.

Just a small bit of wood, a screw, and some small nails can do the trick.

This small screw driver and router bit is the best way to make sure you nail the ply down to the floor.

You might also want to use a little nail file to apply a coat of primer or sealant on the surface of the counter top.

Make sure to spray your ply with some water to protect it from the rain.


A sanding block.

You should already have a sanding mat handy.

This sanding pad will make sanding a breeze.

It can also be