Crypto-wallet startup to launch its first bitcoin delivery service in India

The crypto-wallet company will launch its delivery service for bitcoin, the company said on Wednesday.

The company will use its platform to accept bitcoin payments for products such as household items and appliances, it said in a statement.

The service will be available for customers in the US, India and the UK.

Paybypay also said it will accept bitcoin, ether, ether cash, and litecoin for its service.

Pay bypay said it had launched PaybyPay as a bitcoin payment solution to customers in October 2017.

Pay By Pay, a company that also operates as a broker and marketplace, said it started accepting bitcoin payments in May 2018.

PayByPay has raised a total of $6 million since the start of the year.

The startup has said that its business is already growing and that it plans to expand in 2018.