Black plywood walling in Jerusalem is so ‘dirty’ that its owner says it should be torn down

Black plywoods are becoming a problem in the Old City of Jerusalem, as a local businessman finds himself with no choice but to tear down the walls around the neighborhood, which is home to several Jewish settlements.

The walls are a part of the Palestinian village of al-Quds, where a large portion of the population is of Arab descent.

The area has a history of violence and unrest, and residents have been targeted by Israeli settlers for months.

In September, a settler was killed and several others injured in clashes in the area.

“I don’t want to demolish them,” said the owner of the house, who asked to remain anonymous.

“We don’t know where the walls are.

We are living in a ghetto.

The walls have to be torn out and I will never leave the home of this neighborhood again.”

In recent years, the Israeli government has made significant efforts to bring the Israeli settler community under control.

The Israeli authorities recently implemented a policy of detaining, deporting, and destroying Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.

Since 2016, Israeli authorities have arrested more than 200 Palestinians for the crime of setting fire to their homes.

“The Israeli government says that they are protecting us, but in fact they are not protecting us,” said Jamal Abu Nidal, the mayor of al Quds.

“I am not saying that they have done everything, but they have failed to protect us.”

According to the Israeli occupation, the entire Palestinian population of al Zor neighborhood in the city of Ramallah is illegal, which includes al Qud.

The majority of residents of the area are Palestinian.

In the past, Israeli forces have used deadly force to evict residents of al Rish, which are considered illegal and have a large Palestinian population.

In November, Israeli police opened fire on a crowd of residents in al Quda, injuring five people.

According to a Palestinian eyewitness, the incident was not a protest against the building of the Israeli settlement of Ariel.

Instead, he said, Israeli security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, which included women and children.

A local Arab newspaper published an article on Sunday alleging that Israel had planned to demolishes al Qudea in order to construct the settlement of Efrat.

The article was published by the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

“This [building] was intended to replace the Palestinian towns of al Efrati and al-Dahiya in the West Bank,” Maarivet reported.

“It will bring more Jews to the occupied West Bank and the East Jerusalem.”

The Jerusalem Post contacted the Palestinian Authority, the local municipality, and the Israeli Defense Ministry for comment.

No response was immediately available.