‘A lot of people will be able to see’ as Colorado approves new ‘rapid release’ law

COVERAGE: COVERAGES COLORADO NEWS NEW YORK (AP) A judge says a bill that would allow the state to roll out the “rapid re-entry” law in some places without a court order was allowed to go into effect Friday despite objections from businesses.

Lawmakers had planned to vote on the measure Friday, but after Gov.

John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, blocked it, lawmakers allowed the measure to take effect.

The Colorado legislature passed a bill in January allowing residents to bring firearms to stores and bars where alcohol is sold, but it was not approved by voters.

Hickenloopers office said he had not received any complaints about the bill.

State Rep. Joe Sestak, a Republican from Denver, was among a group of lawmakers who opposed the bill, arguing it would allow people to bring weapons into places where alcohol was sold and that it would encourage more gun violence.