Why plywood can replace foam for hurricane clips

Recode has learned from a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that one company, CNC, is experimenting with using foam for the inside of hurricane clips.

CNC is a new company based in San Francisco that makes plywood.

It’s not a household name but it’s well-known.

And CNC makes a number of other products that you might find at your local hardware store.

But the company is not a major player in the industry.

But CNC’s first product is a storm drain protector, and it’s designed to be waterproof.

The product is made of PVC, but it is also a flexible material, which CNC says is ideal for storm drains.

It makes sense for storm drain protection because it is flexible.

And it’s watertight.

But it’s not waterproof.

And we don’t know how well it will hold up.

We don’t have any of the waterproofing materials that you would find in other products.

It can’t be 100 percent waterproof.

So it has the potential to be compromised, which is really important for any product.

The company has been testing this product and testing it and testing this material.

We asked CNC to share its testing methods and how the material will hold on to water, and they told us that it’s tested with two different types of test, watertight and non-watertight.

The non-snowboard test is done by measuring the water inside the material.

The snowboard test uses a foam core to test for water resistance.

The two tests are done with a piece of foam in a test tube.

The foam is then removed, which allows the core to penetrate through the foam.

The results are shown in the video below.

It is very clear that the material holds water tight.

You can see the watertight test is successful.

So the next step is to use this material to test the waterproof test.

That’s what they are doing right now, and we can see that they’re making the material waterproof in the tests that they are conducting.

So CNC has tested this material in the two tests.

So they’re working on that.

CSC says they have some new test methods that they plan to share with the public.

But for now, it’s a big leap forward for CNC.

There is no reason why CNC can’t just be doing a product in the marketplace and sell it to other companies.

It will be a lot cheaper.

It just doesn’t have the mass market appeal that you see with other companies, CSC said.

But there are some things they can do to get their products to the mass consumer.

The first is by making the product in larger quantities.

The second is by using smaller pieces of the material that can be used for other things.

They say that they have plans to go to the local home improvement stores and get customers to try their product, which would be a very cool approach.

So we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.