Why is plywood shipping from Maine to Florida so slow?

The Maine National Guard has been ordered to help keep the plywood shipment moving through the state.

The order came Monday as a response to complaints from people who said they’d received shipping alerts from the company that handles the shipment.

According to Maine Department of Transportation spokesman Jeff DePace, the orders come after an investigation by the state’s inspector general.

“The state’s Department of Industrial Relations has requested the Maine National Guardship to assist with the shipment and expedite the process,” DePac said in an email.

He said that the company, Atlantic Plywood, has “provided the department with detailed instructions on how to conduct the shipment.”

According to the order, the company “has not yet determined how to process the shipment” as the orders have not yet been approved by the Maine Department.

The company said it would be working with state authorities to expedite its process, which could take weeks or months.

“Our team has been working with the state to ensure all necessary steps are in place to ensure that the cargo arrives safely and securely,” the company said in a statement to The Huffington Post.

“We are confident that we have the capacity to handle the shipment in a timely manner.”

It wasn’t clear if the order applied to the company’s Maine facility.

A company spokesman said it was too early to determine whether the company would comply with the order.

The Maine State Guard has a role in the federal government’s response to the opioid crisis, and it has been assisting with the response to other shipments.

Earlier this month, the department deployed two National Guard aircraft to the port of Charleston, South Carolina, as part of a coordinated federal response to shipwood and other products in response to a heroin and fentanyl crisis.

The state has sent more than $1.5 million worth of emergency supplies to the state, including about $900,000 in emergency aid to the Portland metropolitan area.