Trump calls ‘the world’s greatest liar’ over ‘phony’ tweet about NFL

President Donald Trump on Monday said that the “world’s greatest liars” are the NFL and the media, a tweet that drew swift criticism from many fans who said the president is making the league look bad.

Trump said in a tweet Monday that the NFL should have fired Colin Kaepernick because of the anthem protests, while saying that the media is making it look like the league was a “failing company.”

“Colin Kaepernick should have been fired and should not have played the game,” Trump said in the tweet, which was later deleted.

“The media is a failing company.

It should have never allowed Colin Kaepernick to be a part of its game,” he continued.

“It was a complete disgrace to the NFL.

They should have allowed him to continue playing the game.”

Trump, in an interview with Fox News Channel on Monday, said that NFL owners are “the worst,” adding that they were responsible for the league’s “failure.”

“It was the owners fault, and it was the owner that allowed it to happen,” Trump told host Chris Wallace.

“That’s what’s going on.

You have a failing league and you have owners that are the worst in the league.

The NFL has the worst owners in the NFL.”

Trump’s criticism comes amid growing concern about how the league is handling its own protests and a wave of lawsuits against the league, with many teams and players facing multiple legal claims.

The president’s comments come after ESPN published an article Sunday detailing a report that said Trump had called the league a “phony” and that he had called former NFL player Colin Kaepernick “a disgrace” in the same tweet.

Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, kneels during the national anthem before a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sept. 17, 2017, in San Francisco.

Trump has long been a fierce opponent of NFL players protesting during the anthem, and his latest comments about the league could help fuel the controversy.

Trump also tweeted Sunday that the Trump Organization “was founded by and for the owners of the failing NFL team.”

“The owners of NFL teams have become far more greedy and selfish than ever,” Trump wrote.

“The owners and their executives now control everything from the league to the league TV contracts and all of the games.

Now the owners and owners executives are trying to destroy the NFL so they can make billions off of it!”

Trump’s tweet was the latest to raise questions about the extent of his administration’s involvement with the NFL, after reports surfaced that former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo was paid $200,000 by the NFL to speak to the president about the issues of national unity.ESPN reported in a report Sunday that Caputo is paid $300,000 a year to work for the Trump campaign, while a source told the network that he is paid by the Trump family for the same work.

Trump’s comments on Monday came hours after a federal judge denied an appeal to block a ruling that would have blocked the NFL’s controversial new policy that requires players to stand for the national national anthem.

The ruling came on the heels of a hearing last week in which a federal appeals court panel upheld a ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that would block the policy.

In a separate court filing on Monday morning, attorneys for Kaepernick appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying that they are confident the appeals court will take up the case.

The ruling on the appeals courts ruling came after the ruling by the Fifth U.C. Court of Appeal in San Diego, which had been scheduled to be heard by the justices on Tuesday, was delayed by the court’s decision to allow for the hearing.

The league announced on Sunday that it will suspend the league until at least Sept. 29 to allow the court to consider a revised policy, which it said will be finalized later this week.