The Pentagon’s new war plans for 2019 are out and the war in Syria is on

The Pentagon is moving ahead with its plans to move forward with the new war in Afghanistan and the next phase of the Iraq War.

The move is a step toward ending the war, but it’s not enough to solve the country’s challenges.

President Trump and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have said they plan to withdraw forces from Iraq by the end of 2018.

And Trump has signaled he may end the war by the middle of 2019, but he’s not saying when or if that will happen.

The White House has said the United States has “no intention of ending the fight in Afghanistan” until the military has a plan to defeat the Taliban.

But the new wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq will be a long and expensive process.

The Afghan government has struggled to rebuild from a Taliban takeover of the country in 2001.

The U.S. military has also been battling insurgents in Iraq and Syria since 2014, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS.

In addition to the war against ISIS in Iraq, there’s also a war in Yemen, where U.N. officials say over 60 percent of the population has been displaced by the war.

The United States is also fighting in Yemen against the Houthis and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was ousted by Houthi fighters in 2015.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has said she hopes to have a “robust” peace deal between the Houthi rebels and the government by the summer, but the war has not stopped the government from fighting back.

Trump has also called the U.A.E. the “Great Satan” and said he would leave the Paris climate change agreement if he’s elected president.

The president has said he plans to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the start of 2019.

But he has not said when he plans or when he intends to end the fight there.

The new wars are being led by the Defense Department and are taking shape under the watch of former President Barack Obama, who left office in 2017.

Trump was elected on a promise to quickly defeat ISIS and build a new relationship with Russia.

But Trump has made it clear he’s open to negotiating with Russia and other world powers to end conflicts and build new alliances.

That includes a NATO-Russia treaty that was supposed to be finalized in 2019 but hasn’t been.