6 people killed in fire at warehouse in Melbourne

A blaze at a warehouse in Victoria’s north has claimed the lives of six people, including two children, a police officer and a security guard, police say.

The fire broke out at a property in Brunswick in the state’s north-east.

The blaze broke out early on Tuesday, but police say it was under control by Thursday afternoon.

The owner of the property, a building contractor, said the building’s owner, who did not want to be named, had been working for the contractor for around three years.

Firefighter Matthew Edwards says it is too early to know if there are any victims.

“It’s a very serious incident and we’re working to get the community’s attention and the public’s attention to this incident,” he said.

The incident happened at about 4.30am (local time) when firefighters arrived on scene to report a large fire.

A police spokesman said the fire broke open inside a warehouse about 200 metres (yards) away from the fire service unit.

Witnesses said the flames quickly spread from the building to nearby buildings.

Police said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

Victoria Fire Service Commissioner Mark Brown said fire crews were working on a report into the cause.

”I can confirm that we have received a report of a fire at the Brunswick warehouse, a property located in Brunswick, which is in Brunswick’s north east,” he said in a statement.

‘No-one should be in danger’Firefighters had to put out a second fire in the nearby Brunswick suburb of Epping.

The cause of that fire was unknown, but fire crews said it was too early for them to speculate.

The blaze was put out by the end of the day.

This is a developing story and we will update as more information becomes available.