How to make a plywood box for a window

The plywood used to build the window frame for a home in Surrey is a mix of different types of wood.

So is the plywood that makes up the walls of a bedroom.

The building is all about the insulation and the insulation is not always easy to find.

Here’s how to make your own window frame from the insulation you have in your home.


Cut a square of plywood into a long strip.

The length of this strip is the thickness of the insulation.


Cut out the desired amount of insulation.

This should be a fairly long piece.


Drill a hole in the side of the ply.


Cut two holes into the bottom of each hole.


Drill two holes through the top of the holes.


Drill three holes through each hole, so that you have four holes in the top and bottom of the sheet of ply.


Using the drill bit, drill a small hole in each hole and then drill a second small hole into the side to make the ply wood.

Make sure the ply is tight.


Cut the strips of insulation into a rectangular shape and use them as a template for the ply floor.


Using a straight edge, drill out the holes in each strip, then use the back of the straight edge to glue them together.


Using your straight edge and a flat, sharp edge, glue the strips together and then finish the frame by marking where the ply will meet the ply in the floor.


Make a sheet of the desired thickness of insulation to cover the sides of the window.

Make it as long as the ply and as short as possible so that it can fit between the window and the wall.

This will allow the ply to fit into the window well.


Make two smaller holes in one of the corners of the box.


Cut an inch from the side edges of each of the two holes and glue them in place.


Cut another inch from each hole in both corners and glue the two in place, so there is a piece of ply in each corner.


Make another hole in one corner of the frame and glue it in place to make it fit between two other pieces of ply on the outside of the wall, making it so that there is one hole in between each ply.


Finish the frame with a piece (2.5cm by 4.5 cm) of the material from the first two holes.

This piece will be used to make two other panels for the window, one of which will be the front window and one of a side window.


Apply the insulation to the window frames and then seal the window using a double layer of insulation in place of the main ply.

You should be able to hang the curtains in place with a little glue.


Next, hang a curtain using the double layer and finish it with the other layer of the fabric.

The curtains are made from one layer of fabric.


Now, using a sharp edge and the back side of a sharp piece of glass, cut out the window panel using the same technique as the window framing.

Make the cut to allow a good distance between the ply panels.


Use the same piece of tape as the curtains to secure the curtains and hang them on the ceiling.


Hang a door panel on the door using the curtains.

You can also hang the door panels with a curtain.

Make use of the double panel technique and glue all the panels together so that they fit tightly.


You are now ready to paint the windows with paint.

Use a paint brush to paint your windows, adding a little colour to the colour you are using.

You will need to do this every few months or so to make sure the paint has time to dry.


When you have painted the windows, hang them to dry completely.

If you need to paint them, you can do so over the winter using a paintbrush, a sponge and a brush.


Once dry, hang the window panels and curtains and let them dry completely to allow the paint to dry naturally.


When the paint is dry, spray a coat of sealer onto the ply, leaving the paint on all the way, then hang the windows and curtains to dry entirely.